10 Ideas for Inspiration : Churches and Congregations

Churches and Congregations are essentially event-based organizations. Many of these groups are likely experiencing availability due to events while also struggling to keep up with the needs in their community. Their day to day work looks drastically different.

I put together ideas for inspiration for churches and congregations. Hopefully it prompts some outside-the-box thinking and provides new ways to stay inspired.

  1. A “24/7 service” where pastors and community leaders jump online for 30-60 minute time blocks.
  2. Shorter, daily service each morning.
  3. A video stream of pastors reading books for children. Parents are overwhelmed and allowing their kids to see familiar faces could provide comfort (and free time).
  4. Send a daily list of positive, encouraging content for people to consume.
  5. Take content from your backlog, cut it to shorter length, and share in smaller chunks.
  6. Use your massive parking lot to host a drive-in and project a movie onto a large wall.
  7. Host virtual community groups / small groups using a tool like zoom.
  8. Use a tool like Calendly to allow congregation to schedule consistent, brief calls with pastors as needed.
  9. Coordinate live interviews/conversations with other church leaders.
  10. Connecting people:
    • Collect information (through online form) about people who have a surplus and those who have need. Match needs with surplus.
    • Pair members of congregation for virtual 1-1s with other for support and encouragement.
    • Connect your volunteers with other organizations in the community who need help.
    • Identify the business owners in your community and explore ways for the congregation to help them survive.

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