10 Ideas for Inspiration : Coffee Companies

As times get hard, businesses need to get creative about driving attention and sales to their business. I’ve put together ideas for inspiration for Coffee Companies. It’s not much, but hopefully it prompts creativity.

  1. Streamline all promote larger bags or bulk buying.
  2. Rent storage space. Inviting companies who are downsizing to utilize your storage space.
  3. Selling large, portable carafes of coffee and make local deliveries.
  4. Engage the artist community. Host a digital competition of creative artwork using coffee beans.
  5. Create a printable calendar with each month focusing on a type of coffee.
  6. Create playful/shareable gifs of your team
  7. Mobilize your team to brew larger quantities at their home and sell to their neighborhood (safely).
  8. Sell gift cards at reduced cost.
  9. Provide recipes for things you can do with coffee:
    • Breakfast recipes with coffee
    • Lunch recipes with coffee
    • Dessert recipes with coffee
  10. Send a short, simple, plain text email to all customers with a clear ask to subscribe.
  11. BONUS: Create unique video content to drive online sales:
    Much of it might exist, but not directed at your customers or produced by your team.
    • Different brewing techniques
    • A list of diets where coffee is still allowed
    • Reason for different styles of grind
    • Common coffee misconceptions
    • Educate people about where coffee originates
    • Share a story from each country your coffee originates
    • Record an interview with a coffee farmer
    • Record an interview with a coffee co-op
    • Interview your team members
    • Interview customers
    • Talk about why you got into coffee
    • Ask customers about their first memory of coffee
    • Interview each team member about their favorite type of coffee
    • Interview each team member about their morning cup of coffee
    • Alternatives to grinding coffee beans when your grinder breaks
    • Alternatives to brewing coffee beans when your brewer breaks
    • Caffeine alternatives if you run out of coffee.
    • Ways to extend the life of your coffee
    • Host an AMA with your founder about why they started the business.
    • Publish instructions for how to tie-dye a shirt using brewed coffee.
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