10 Ideas for Inspiration : Gyms and Personal Trainers

Local business is hit hardest during economic downturn. Combined with social distancing, gyms and personal trainers are especially impacted. As members consider cancelling, it’s important that these groups get creative about driving attention and sales to their business by providing unique value to their members. I’ve put together ideas for inspiration for gyms and personal trainers. It’s not much, but hopefully it prompts some level of outside-the-box thinking.

  1. SBA Disaster Loans. More information is emerging but I’m including this on every list of Ideas for inspiration because too many businesses still don’t know about it.
  2. Rent equipment. Charge a monthly fee for members to rent equipment and have it delivered to their home.
  3. Facilitate the buying/selling of members’ at home equipment. Allow them to sell, barter, or buy from each other.
  4. Charge more for exclusivity. Some members would likely pay 2-5x their monthly membership for the chance to workout in the facility without anyone else.
  5. Premium, In-home training. Higher cost to reduce the need for high volume.
  6. Remote Fitness Challenge. Host a virtual challenge for weight-loss (or some-other health metric)
  7. Publish daily checkins from members about how they’re staying healthy during isolation.
  8. Partner with local restaurants to coordinate healthier meals for your members.
  9. Create content for members:
    • Publish Workout of the Day.
    • At-home Workout Options.
    • Healthy eating
    • Mental Health during isolation
  10. Go virtual:
    • Virtual Fitness Classes.
    • Facilitate Virtual Connection. Setup video call each night where members can talk and connect.
    • Phone call coaching and check-ins

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