2017 Reflection

Responding to my challenge to family and friends to reflect on their year, I’ve assembled my list for 2017.

Favorite Song of 2017: Glitter in the Air

“Glitter in the air” by Pink. It gets a huge smile from Avery and she twirls around when it comes on. Ironically, I hate glitter but watching my daughter dance and spin is delightful.

Favorite Movie of 2017: Star Wars the Last Jedi (hopefully)

My goal is to see the new Star Wars movie before the end of the year. I trust that’ll be my favorite movie of 2017.

Favorite Brand of 2017: Brother Moto

Brother Moto. Motorcycles, coffee, a beautifully designed space, quality apparel, community centered, Atlanta-based… they check lots of boxes for me.

Favorite Website of 2017: Medium and Asana

I’ve go head and pick two; 1 personal and 1 professional.

Medium. I began writing consistently more consistently this year. I’m not measuring ROI or monetizing the behavior. It’s about me and organizing my thoughts.

Asana. From Polar Notion to New Story, my entire existence is pretty much broken into tasks and executed against in Asana. Its great and only getting better.

Favorite Books of 2017: Mindset and Sapiens

Mindset by Carol Dweck. It’s truths continue to shape the way I see others. It wrapped a shared language around what separates most people. The overarching premise involves the idea of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. It unpacks how people think about themselves and the world. It also highlights one’s ability to shape themselves and the world around them.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. It continues to challenge my beliefs and elicits a lot of introspection. Warning, this will make you uncomfortable.

Favorite Podcast of 2017: Seeking Wisdom

I’ve listened to podcasts of a few years not but my favorite podcast I started listening to this year: Seeking Wisdom. While it fits into the category of ‘business’, it touches on valuable learnings for any human.

Favorite Memory of 2017: Sunday naps with Avery

We’ve taken two naps together every Sunday since Avery, my daughter, was born. I would lay on the couch and she would fall asleep on my chest. Unfortunately, that time ended this year as she is already showing signs of extreme independence. It’s a favorite memory because in those moments I knew it wouldn’t last forever so I would just soak it up. When it ended, each preceding Sunday became even more precious.

Favorite Experience or Trip: Virginia Highlands with Megan

Of all the travel from this year, El Salvador, California, Aruba, Chicago, Houston, New York, my favorite time was spent at a cozy cottage in the North Carolina mountains with my wife. She has had a lot of change this year and time with her continues to get better and better. Plus, a few time off from being adults is always a treasured experience.

Most Impactful Learning of 2017: Failure = Success

While books, interviews, and experience continue to reinforce this truth, nothing illustrates it more beautifully than watching Avery learn to walk. You can read more about that here.

I hope you’ve had a year worth remembering. I’d hope you take time to reflect before racing right into 2018. Here is a basic outline I put together to simplify the process.

Originally posted on Medium.

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