In many circles, years of experience is the sole qualifier for a senior level engineer. While there may not be a rigid definition, our team defines ‘senior’ based on 4 characteristics. Comprehension. With Rails, a lot of code is generated. A senior engineer understands each element and makes adjustments in appropriate areas as needed. Keeping […]

Developing web and mobile apps, we encounter a lot of app ideas. While few ideas are truly ‘bad’, there are signs that separate the good from the great. Pain. Great app ideas provide a clear solution to an actual problem. Over the last five years, these come from domain experts. They have identified a pain […]

You’ve purchased a new car and now you see the same make and model everywhere on the road. It may seem as though these cars have appeared over night but they have been there all along. So, what’s changed? Your attention. Your mind is aware, thus begins to seek it out. When we commit to […]

From the beginning, apprentices who join our team receive valuable, paid, on-the-job training. We don’t assign menial tasks and seek to create real-world learning opportunities. During our 12 month program, we increase their short term and longterm effectiveness. While not a comprehensive list, there are a few traits an Apprentice can expect to develop. Perseverance. […]

Over the last six months, we’ve built a new office for our team. One of the crowning fixtures is a 14 foot, white tile wall. Accenting the wall are four thick wood shelves. It’s crisp, symmetrical, and beautiful. Over the last few weeks however, one of the screws that anchors a shelf became loose. It […]

In a recent Udemy course I took, Seth Godin shared about 1298 Ambulance Service. This small, India based company made it into the lecture for 1 reason, integrity. When they launched their company, the option to purchase ‘911’ was offered to them as a more universal, simpler choice for customers. Instead, they chose the digits […]

Winning starts in the details. As soon as a connection is made with someone online, we begin constructing a mental picture of them. Their appearance, their interests, and their world view. Should we use their first name? Is slang appropriate? Can I drop the f-bomb? Combined with our name, a profile photo is the only […]

Leading a service based business, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to launch something of your own. To keep up with market trends and increase empathy with our clients, we’ve taken a dose of our own medicine. We launched Startup Picture Day in the summer of 2016 to provide startups and entreprenuers with quality, […]

I’ll save you some time, it’s a myth. Sure, we use the phrase and hand it out as a badge of honor for those who have attained some level of success, but it means nothing. Success is not a solo pursuit. If you measure success by money, you had customers who paid you. If you […]

We focus a lot of energy teaching and developing aspiring software engineers. What many people find surprising is our favorite students to work with are not Computer Science graduates but Code School Students. It might be hard to believe that 10–12 weeks of education can position someone to enter an industry like software development, however […]

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