Whether you believe or not, the choice is yours. Whether you change your mind or not, it’s not up to me. In a world full of argument and tension, it’s easy to get swept up in the belief that we’ll ever convince someone of anything. We may alter their behavior, but manipulating their belief is […]

Enjoy! Top three focuses of Amazon… Customer Obsession Invent and Pioneer Longterm Oriented “The thing I worry about the most is that we would lose our way.” ~9:45 “All the success that we currently have is due to the fact that we put customers first.” ~3:00 “I’ve noticed all over night successes take about 10 […]

Why Nothing Ships on Friday Not shipping work on Friday is a house rule. Nothing good comes of it. While our clients are eager to see the progress of a long, hard week of work, choosing to push something live isn’t actually helpful for them. If they review the progress on Saturday or Sunday, our team […]

I’ve had a beard for years. In recent months however, I’ve decided to eliminate weekly trims from my routine. Still slaying the neckbeard, but I’ve refrained from taming the chin monster. At some point during this process, a transformation occurred. Unbeknownst to myself, I was inducted into a secret organization. There was no ceremony or […]

Last week, my computer ran out of storage space. Without space, I couldn’t save a new project. After un-syncing old files from Dropbox and removing as many apps as possible, it didn’t move the needle enough. Eventually, I turned my attention to my computer’s trash-bin. There were over 20G of files. The trash was taking […]

Balancing the work that needs doing and the work that leads to growth. Divide a sheet of paper into 4 columns. Place the following headings on the columns: 10 | 100 | 1,000 | 10,000 Write each of your daily tasks into the column that best represents the hourly cost of hiring someone else to complete […]

There is excitement and beauty in entrepreneurship, but there are also realities that are overlooked. Risk is required. If there isn’t risk then it’s not entrepreneurship. While seemingly obvious, people are constantly paralyzed by fear of the unknown. Uncertainly and doubt become a companion, not a conquered foe. It’s messy. Mistakes will happen, and frequently […]

and the stamp of authenticity. Latte art has no shortage of critics. It takes a little longer and doesn’t change the taste, right? Wrong. From berry to barista, there are dozens of steps involved with making a great cup. Each step can effect the taste and quality of the final product so an attention to […]

The most commonly asked question from hosting a free event. We’re not a photography company. We build web and mobile apps for entreprenuers and businesses seeking to leave a mark on the world. So, why would we throw an event that provides people with professional headshots? It’s about alignment and empathy. Alignment. Our most obvious […]

I’ve been writing daily for a few months now. It helps me organize my thoughts and communicate more effectively. It does however, take time. The act of doing it daily means consistent, focused effort. Where does the time come from? Operating and sustaining growth at Polar Notion, leading tech strategy and software development at New […]

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