I’m continually challenged by the story of Elon Musk. Like most children his age, he was enthralled with science fiction stories of space exploration and life on other planets. His appreciation for far fetched narratives didn’t lead him to become a fiction author like many of his inspired peers. Instead, he was inspired to redefine […]

Humans are terrible at estimating. We overestimate what is possible in the short term and underestimate the long term. Why then do we push for “realistic” goals? We’re naturally predisposed to sell ourselves short. Within typical goal setting, it’s said a healthy goal should be SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. Perhaps that’s […]

There are unlimited distractions championing for our time and our attention. By in large, it’s mostly trivial. These things don’t make an impact, don’t move the needle, and will never lead to fulfillment. On the other hand, there are a vital few that truly matter. These are ideas, actions, and behaviors that matter significantly more […]

In the fall of my senior year of high school, my time as a high school cross country athlete ended. I was a team captain, letterman, and had watched the team 3x in size in just a few years. By many standards, it was a respectable finish. Unfortunately, I knew I had more to give. […]

Earlier this year, I was on a conference call overlooking a vast lake in El Salvador. Thinking about my family, colleagues, and friendships, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. While I’ve worked hard, I’d be remiss and naive to attribute a great year to my own efforts. I joined the New Story team in the summer […]

We’re hiring a Software Engineer. At New Story, we’re building software systems that saves lives, no exaggeration. Whether our fundraising platform, internal tools, or offline app for tracking construction progress, we’re continually striving to put more families in more homes in less time. Homes equal safety, security, and stability. Remember Hurricane Matthew that ripped through […]

Yesterday I shared 4 Lies I Learned in School. As many speculated, the list is actually much longer. Here is part two, 3 More Lies I Learned in School. Improve your weaknesses. If you’re not good at something, and changing that doesn’t interest you, don’t waste the time. Being well rounded is overrated. By definition, […]

I had a great experience in public school. There are however, a number of teachings I continually find myself unlearning. Sharing your work is cheating. In school, they called it cheating. In business, it’s called collaboration. The act of exchanging ideas is essential for change and innovation. Sharing your work is encouraged. Someone else sets […]

In high school, I had a manager at work who was rude, deceitful, and generally unpleasant toward me and other team members. It was frustrating and counterproductive. In hindsight, I’m forced to face a startling truth… it was my fault. While I did not force his hand, his continued behavior was a result of my […]

Take a moment and follow along. With your right hand, point towards the ceiling. Look up at your hand and begin spinning it clockwise. Continuing to spin, slowly move your hand down towards you waist. Once your hand is below your chest, look down. Which direction is your hand spinning? Counterclockwise! Surely you did something […]

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