Pushing a project out the door the first time feels risky. People might not like it. Something might not work. What if something goes wrong? What if no one wants it? When these fears and concerns lead to delays, the pressure and costs begin to compound. It’s easy to consider the monetary costs, but other […]

If you’re looking for something to do every morning before you put your pants on or brush your teeth, this video is it. Ownership and leadership are inextricably linked. Few remind us of that more passionately than Jocko Willink. Originally posted on Medium.

When it comes to launching a project or idea, we are the largest barrier. Countless ideas, projects, proposals, articles, and tools never see the light of day because we strangle them to death with revisions, improvements, and a list of other things that don’t matter.. Instead of continually pushing forward, we get lost in the […]

A must watch if you support nonprofits, work for a nonprofit, or care about making an impact at any level. Originally posted on Medium.

The last five years at Polar Notion have been filled with tremendous learning and growth. While we’ve made some sound, thoughtful decisions along the way, the greatest learning has come through failure and frustration. In hindsight, I definitely would have done things differently. For those getting starting and as a reminder to myself for future […]

Much like our conversation with Peter, the idea that ‘it has to be perfect before it launches’ is common for both entreprenuers and seasoned professionals. Ultimately, it’s a tension between excellence and perfect. Creating something of quality vs something without defect. It’s a hard line to draw at time, but a good plan executed now […]

It might not be for you, but you probably know a great fit. At Polar Notion, we’re looking for a detail-oriented communicator to help our developers and designers deliver exceptional work across a wide variety of projects. We need a person who can keep our team and clients on the same page while removing any obstacles […]

We’re sitting at a coffee shop with a founder and entrepreneur. We’ll call him Peter. Peter has spent 2 years creating his business plan, which he slides across the table to us. It is freshly printed, vibrant, with lovely figures, projections, numbers, and graphs. We are even able to hold his product, which was beautifully […]

Our day can be filled with tasks that are small, quick, and unfulfilling. We might enjoy the action of checking them of our list, but overall they’re trivial. They’re popcorn. We eat popcorn while watching movies because it’s passive and can be done with little to no mental energy. Part of our brain enjoys it. […]

In late winter of 2016, our team built a tool that allows website visitors to interact with images on a page, using their cursor. We called it Turntable.js and we gave the technology away. Today, over a year later, hundreds of people are still downloading and using this plugin each week. Dozens of sites and […]

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