A theme for August would be “landing planes”. As our business grows and we look towards the future, there are typically a vast number of opportunities in the air, circling the runway. These aren’t just prospective projects but other ventures, business opportunities, and longer term goals. Sometimes they fall apart, sometimes they move on, but […]

Delivering a remarkable client experience is a continual focus for our team at Polar Notion. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies but we strive for excellence and continuous improvement. Our persistence is just as much about the people we work with as it is about the services we deliver. As we hold ourselves to high […]

Deciding to remove features from a product or service is hard. Actually doing it is even harder. We have a picture in our minds of what something can become and each step we take away from what we envision can be painful. It’s a pain we constantly witness and work through with our clients. Unfortunately, […]

Building web and mobile apps is great, but creating something in the physical world just can’t be beat. Since a number of our clients face the challenges of bringing physical goods to market, what better way to advise them than to be practitioners ourselves? We give you… the Pocket Startup Advisor. A Magic 8-Ball for […]

I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on past projects. Whether personal, professional, for clients, and for friends, we see a lot of great ideas flow through our shop and throughout our community. Unfortunately, a majority of ideas and plans never become reality. A lot of time is spent talking and preparing, but most […]

Creativity is important. Sharing what’s been created so others can interact and respond is part of what makes it art. My goal is to share a list of things each month that our team or I have created, launched, or published. I hope it prompts others to do likewise. Pocket Startup Advisor. Magic 8-Ball for […]

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