User Experience is a baseline for remarkable interactions and we’re looking for someone who delights in human-centered design. At Polar Notion, we’ve been training software engineers for a few years, today we’re opening up a slot for a UX Apprentice. While typical employers are looking for people with experience, we’re far from normal. We’re looking […]

A rigid approach to thoughtful communication Physical human interactions are precious. In most professions, especially software engineering, it’s easy to spends hours on end without actually talking to anyone. Then when we are face-to-face, it’s easy to check phones and divide our attention. These distractions diminish real, meaningful conversation and undermine relationships. I’m far from […]

Mentorship is powerful. Few gifts compare to the willingness of a person with more expertise and experience who shares that knowledge with others. It has impacted my life and continues to impact the way we train and develop our team. The commitment invest into the next generation is the mark of true craftsmanship. It’s worth […]

Our team sets their own schedules. We have some who come in early. Others come in later. A few come in much later. There are natural constraints due to teamwork, collaboration, and workload but for the most part it’s up to the individual. Without a formal schedule, it’s fair to assume we don’t value structure. […]

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