Week 1 of How to Launch an Idea in 1 Month. There are two common approaches then it comes to creating something new. The first approach involves building something and then find someone to buy it. The second approach identifies an audience and builds something they want. While businesses have succeed with both approaches, the second […]

Design and development is just as much about creativity and problem solving as it is about pushing pixels and writing code. For our team, this comes out in a number of ways. Day to day, it’s exemplified in the work we do for clients. We take pride in the projects we ship and strive to […]

Thoughts to consider before you start a project If you’re gearing up to start a project, there are a few things you should keep in mind. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but they are worth considering. Be Patient There is a natural flow to a healthy project. It starts with planning and leads into implementation. Don’t […]

A 4 week overview to move from idea to entrepreneur. Keeping things simple is often difficult. When creating a physical product or software solution, there are hundreds of decisions and trade offs that impact time, budget, and end product. We’ve put together a straight forward game plan for moving from idea to reality with speed […]

Product Hunt, the home of all things fresh and futurist in tech, is hosting a Global Hackathon through the month of November. The experience focuses on 6 topics from Social Impact to Machine Learning and is absolutely free. Prizes are as larges as $100,000 in credits for Amazon Web Services. Here are more details. Register […]

Years ago, the phrase was uttered by a mentor as he guided me through the finer points of software development. It accompanied a task or request that I didn’t fully grasp. Despite my own uncertainly, he believed that I knew enough to get started. Since the beginning, I appreciated the phrase because it articulates the […]

We things are rarely easy. Doing meaningful work often involves struggle, obstacle, and friction. It involves a mix of problems and tensions. The difference between the two is subtle, but embracing the difference and being able to recognize it provides much needed clarity and can help shift your perspective. Problems are meant to be solved. […]

There are two types of ‘games’, finite games and infinite games. Whether in relationship, business, or life these two styles are consistently at work. A finite game has defined rules, players, and outcomes. What is takes to win is clear and defined. In football, the referees enforce the rules and the team with the most […]

As we’ve wrapped more clarity and context around our apprenticeship program, it’s exciting to watch the idea begin to pick up more steam. Training students from code school has been part of our process for a few years now, but others are beginning to take notice. As we take a stand for the next generation […]

When we began Polar Notion, we didn’t start full time. It was a side project. I worked at Medieval Times and a local coffee company. Josh, my business partner, worked at Chick-fil-A for a while and an outfitters. These jobs allowed us enough financial stability to take some risks in our free time, which eventually […]

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