Thoughts on scrappiness and engineering He was always at his best in a pinch. A combination of practical skills and scientific knowledge made him adaptable and ready for anything. His solutions weren’t polished, but they got the job done and saved countless lives in the process. If you’re handcuffed to a cargo container that’s sinking […]

Since 2012, I’ve been investing heavily in my morning routine. Making adjustments as life has changed, evaluating how I respond to certain amounts of sleep, and working through the impact of things like coffee, alcohol, gluten, and sugar on my mental clarity. Sometimes however, I’m just not feeling it. I wake up (painfully early), climb […]

A message for those who weren’t selected, yet. Through our apprenticeship and mentorship culture at Polar Notion we’ve been able to provide a unique learning opportunity for a number of eager and aspiring professional. Today, we receive dozens of qualified applicants for a limited number of position. Our selection process continues to evolve to account […]

Somebody somewhere is messing with the prevailing model. It could be a scrappy student in their college dorm room or a few friends working from their garage, but change is coming. It’s inevitable. We watched it happen in less than a decade with video rentals. In a matter of years, Redbox shook Blockbuster to the […]

Over the last 2 years, I’ve spent a considerable time reflecting on this question. Thinking through times I’ve felt most alive and eager, a trend began to emerge. Today, a team member posed the question to the group, which led to a more thorough articulation of what truly makes me feel alive. I thrive on […]

Measuring the impact of healthy mental habits For the last few months I’ve spent time each day writing. It has been a struggle at times and I constantly find myself reevaluating the return on investment. It takes time and energy that has to come from somewhere else, the readership isn’t impressive, and sometimes it’s hard to […]

Of Facebook’s 1.9 billion active users, most people never stop to think why it’s free. Who is paying for it and why are they so generous? Free is now the standard for social networking. The idea of paying seems preposterous. However, as any high school economics student can tell you, there is no such thing […]

A Followup on Building a Blueprint for Your Idea As I mentioned in a previous post, the home-construction process is ripe with similarities that illustrate the tension of building great software. The balance of preparation and implementation goes a long way with this analogy. Unfortunately, like most analogies, the home comparison breaks at a certain point. […]

Within a few weeks of crawling, my daughter was a highly proficient crawler. It quickly became her default mode of transportation. This was the case for months. Walking has been a longer process. At first, she would crawl to an edge of some piece of furniture, climb up, and hold on in order to stay […]

I’ve become more and more appreciative of opportunities to reflect. The days since my last birthday have been filled with wins and losses, successes and failures. A few highlights come to mind. Before proceeding, it’s worth noting an overarching clarity that was emerged this year: failure is worth celebrating just as much as success. Having […]

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