Launching a tech company without a CTO You don’t have a technical cofounder? Of course you don’t. That’s rarely the case. Finding someone with technical skill, strategic expertise, and industry experience can feel seemingly impossible. By in large, there are more people with ideas than those who know how to build them. If you reflect on […]

Highlighting the Power of Great Cofounders My mind has been fixated lately on the importance of chemistry among company founders. The passion and integrity of that original group defines an organization. I’m fortunate to interact with remarkable founders on a regular basis but I’ve seen few founding teams who demonstrate a balance of skills, abilities, […]

Using Github to break a tie between plugins. If I come to a tied between two gems/plugins, and assuming I’ve decided not to build my own, there are a few guidelines that help break the tie. Keep in mind, this assumes I’ve already weighed their benefits and costs without a clear winner. A recent example from […]

An Online Store of Essential Goods. Existential Truths. For years we’ve been producing one-off items like pencils, shirts, coasters, hats, and other nonsense. The random, unpredictable nature of these creations is just as much a part of our company culture as the designs and software we produce for our clients and their customers. To celebrate […]

Kicking off 2018 with maximum effort. As 2017 came to a close, we jumped right into 2018 with a variety of new and exciting projects, organizational changes, and I threw in a few personal experiments. Here is the run down… One Key Metric: Create 5 Star Experiences Focus is key within an organization. Research shows […]

It’s 6am and lines of code are rolling down my screen at an indiscernible pace. My daughter will be up soon and these things tend to go much smoother without interruption. For minutes the feed of information pours down the page as our system tears through the information locked away in our database. It’s not […]

Remarkable talent, craftsmanship, and a continual desire to improve. Our team defines it as a humble pursuit of excellence. This ethos, present since the inception of New Story, became memorialized as a company value early this year. Beyond a mere preference, this style of pursuit is key to the caliber of work out team seeks […]

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