Navigating the Wayward Path to Progress. Exploration drives humanity forward. It’s the discipline of pursing the unknown and learning more about the loosely understood. Much of our human nature draws us away from this challenge because the unknown is dangerous, unpredictable, and outside of our control. Anything that pulls us away from the tribe could […]

Trusting the process. “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” — Henry Ford Henry Ford did the math. Black paint dried 4 hours faster and would allow the assembly line to keep rolling. He had a process. He knew what it took to make it work and […]

The PR team that launched the New Story 3D Printer To be clear, the successful launch of the Vulcan, New Story’s 3D Home Printer, was a team effort. From Icon’s engineering team to the New Story staff to the loads of volunteers, is was a true collaboration and a total home-run. Choosing not to hire a […]

The endless path to proficiency Proficiency doesn’t come through mere patience. It comes through effort and time. Repetition. Sets and reps. For an athlete to assume they would get faster, lift more, or level up without practice is laughable. In sports, athletes understand that decades of practice, early morning, and endless practice result in high […]

You’re more powerful than you realize. Shit happens, always. If we’re truly pushing ourselves, there will always be things that get in our way. When faced with challenges, struggles, or set backs we are quick to translate them as a sign that it’s just not meant to be. Surely ‘the universe’ is telling us something, […]

Try, Fail, Repeat The easiest way to avoid negative feedback is to stay on the bench. Remove yourself from the action. Don’t put yourself out there. Making a move is risky. People might not like it or even voice their disapproval. Then again, you may also miss the opportunity to step up to the plate. Without […]

Making a place for the voice of haters. The launch of New Story’s 3D printer was a huge hit. The first of its kind, this autonomous, concrete-laying machine will be capable of printing an entire home in 12–14 hours. This tool will allow man and machine to build together and optimize for speed, efficiency, and quality. […]

Picking up the pace of social innovation. If your family were in danger, how fast would you move? What lengths would you travel in order to ensure their survival? What obstacles would you allow to get in your way? Like most of us, you’re rarely faced with this dilemma. Our basic needs are met. In […]

Beyond equality, it’s about respect and dignity for all For those living under a rock, yesterday was International Women’s Day. Pushing past the trolls who thought is appropriate to inquire about an International Men’s Day, I decided to highlight courageous women in my own life. Though tragic, as a white male it’s easy to forget the […]

Surviving hard times and working through the chaos In a perfect world, everything goes according to plan. There are no major crisis and any problems have clear solutions. Reality is never perfect. At times, it seems like everything is on fire. Sales aren’t closing quick enough. You’re behind on paying key vendors. Projects are behind schedule. […]

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