Understanding the limitations of leveraging any process. The process of creating custom software is complex. Much like the building of the business that supports it, it requires flexibility and refinement. To explain software, the development process, agile, and other pieces of the business, we use analogies. You may have already read one or two of those […]

Thoughts on failure and impact. In baseball, a player scores points by stepping up to the plate. The most a play can score at once is 4 points. Player after player, assuming the bases are loaded, there’s a 4 point maximum. Regardless of how much input, the output is capped. Each attempt is also limited to […]

An unconventionally basic view on humanity. Early in 2017 we bought stickers to label valuable items around the office. At the time, we had moved into our new space and spend thousands on work stations, televisions, and more. The stickers marked high value items that belong to the company that we didn’t want to lose. […]

The first of many great quarters for franchise owners and operators. April marks the end of Sharpp’s first quarter. We’ve seen a lot of firsts since January. The largest change includes the launch of Version 1 of Sharpp Budget, our expense tracking tool for franchise owners and their management teams. It’s our first fully functional […]

Understanding the difference between tensions, problems, and moving beyond both. From startup to non-profit to global conglomerate, you will have problems. Every organization is made of human beings, and, as we all know, humans are not perfect. Problems will exist. As a leader at any level in your organization, it is your job to solve those […]

The rockstar combination to connect your marketing website and your web application without sucking the joy out of life. If you’ve launched a software product, you’ve undoubtably felt the friction between your tech product and the marketing website. If you’re managing software engineers or sales people, you’ve heard their cries. On one hand, updating the marketing […]

Nurturing early stage startup ideas through friendly competition. Our work at Tenrocket puts us in front of a lot of startups, entreprenuers, and founders. Whether a homemade babyfood recipe SAAS product or franchise management software, the range could not be more diverse. Bootstrapped, venture backed, or a business spinoff, the startup ideas come in all […]

Distilling complex truths into simple action through clarifying analogies. We love the thrill of working with startups and entrepreneurs. Fresh ideas, intense challenges, and complicated problems can be delightfully challenging and fulfilling. Unfortunately, the learning curve is often too steep for the inexperienced startup entrepreneur or business owner. Our goal is to make the process […]

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