What got you here won’t get you there The services, clients, and team members that help you survive in the early days likely aren’t the people to get you over the $1,000,000 revenue mark and beyond. At Polar Notion, we grew from 2-14 people in about 3 years. The business maturity required to facilitate the […]

Keep up with your changing business Personal growth and maturity needs to outpace the business. Personal Maturity before Personal Growth Personal Growth before Business Maturity Business Maturity before Business Growth If my personal maturity and growth aren’t outpacing the businesses, I will either become a bottleneck or the business will outgrow me. If the business growth outpaces it’s maturity, […]

Covering the basics of business After launch in 2012, I often found myself wondering what I might be missing. Of course revenue and expenses are important, but what are the other elements I might be missing. In the early years, it felt like we were reinventing the wheel or just making things up. It wasn’t […]

Discussing who is ultimately in charge When we started Polar Notion, we went years without having the conversation of who is in charge. Having started the business after a decade of friendship, it didn’t feel like a pressing conversation but there was confusion from time to time about who was ultimately accountable. It wasn’t until […]

A practical guide for new Rails 5.2 projects I love learning how others work. Hoping to glean some wisdom or insight that could help me sharpen my skills, I’m constantly reevaluating what works best. Regardless of the nature of the rails application, I’ve found the following workflow to be quite helpful. Having built my personal site on Rail […]

The 3 Roles of an Entrepreneur In the early days, the lines are blurred. Filing government documents, email prospects, attending meeting, and defining values… there is little consistency. As you bounce between working in the business and on the business, identifying the difference between your role as the founder, owner, and employee becomes incredibly valuable. Founder […]

How we stand out from the pack. We pursue focus. Our team members focus on one project at a time. We’ve found this pursuit produces exponentially better results than spreading them across multiple projects. We all know that great ideas happen when we’re on a walk or in the shower. When we’re working on one objective […]

A thoughtful approach to naming your future adults. A name can be one of the greatest gifts a parent gives a child. Our name follows us all throughout life. Through grade school, recreational sports, and personal events, our name is written thousands of times. As we get older, it’s memorialized in email signatures, on business […]

Pushing past procrastination  Throwing off all excuses, I began a daily writing practice in the winter of 2017. Now, over a year later, I’ve learned a lot about myself, how I think, and where my true interests lie. Hopefully I’ve improved, but more important was the discipline of putting in the time and contributing something […]

Actionable insights to improve your experience. Having struggled independently through much of my career as a software engineer, I love the fast paced, practical experience provided by Code Schools. While being self taught is a path many have taken to mastery, focused attention can produce greater results in much less time. If you’re just starting […]

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