Deciding who to listen to and who to hear. Studies reveal that 90% of people think they are above average. That’s right, most people think they outperform the norm. Getting caught up on who is actually above average would miss the point. What matters is much simpler: most people are wrong. Failing to consider the […]

Understanding the few numbers needed for business growth While our businesses our flooded with facts and figures, few things truly move the needle within the business. Once you’re clear on the revenue the business needs, it’s important to determine the few metrics that matter most. By finding the 1-3 numbers that matter most, you can […]

Making space for high impact decisions Restaurant menus are overwhelming. Forced to make sense of their barrage information in a hungry state, the complexity is made worse. A mix of unique names, unconventional categories, and lengthy descriptions, it’s no wonder we still need more time after the servers third trip to the table. The struggle […]

Building disciplines around lifetime learning within¬†tech I’ve worked hard over the years to increase my skills as a software engineer as well as the value I’m able to provide to the larger engineering community. Somethings have worked well and some have been utter wastes of time. Getting started, it’s often hard to know which is […]

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