A few years ago, we were working on a logo design project for a cities parks and recreation department. While putting together three examples, we decided to add a fourth alternative. Unlike the first three, this fourth option was dated and clearly inferior. It was an anchor to make the others look even better. Our […]

At New Story’s recent quarterly leadership summit, Alexandria Lafci (a cofounder and friend) presented on the value of diversity in the workplace. With patience and empathy, she shared in depth research and permitted an endless stream of questions. Reflecting on her thoughtful presentation, it felt like something worth sharing. We should be¬†understanding, accepting, and valuing […]

Holding my oldest daughter for the first time, a nagging thought began to amplify. A transition occurred for me at her birth and intensifies with the birth of my second daughter. Their gentle eyes peer into my heart, stoking a passion and a hope for their future. As I watch them grow, a thought wreaks […]

What is your favorite coffee shop? Brother Moto. Why Brother Moto? Great vibes, great people, and delicious coffee. They know who they are and represent that throughout every part of the business. Close Second? East Pole. It’s a beautifully designed space with delicious coffee. Lots of natural lighting and the roasting room is a delightful, […]

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