There are few things I value more than well placed introductions among friends and community members. For years, I’ve run a business were referrals were our lifeblood, so the importance stands out. Intros expand our networks and foster unique moments of serendipity. Despite their value, I want to make sure to honor the time of […]

Team members are consistently asking themselves a few, simple questions about their work. They may verbalize them, but other times it’s an unspoken script in their head. I recently came across a helpful list (from ‘Predictable Revenue’ by Aaron Ross). These resonate with feedback I’ve heard from team members and problems we seen flare up. […]

Managing the Email Inbox is like training a lion. There are clearly people who have mastered it, but even they are never more than 1 misstep away from getting their arm bitten off. When email feels under control, no one is more than a long weekend or extended vacation away from complete chaos. Here are […]

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