I recently interviewed Ryan Nece. From the NFL Super Bowl to Investor, he dropped consistent value about being at the top of your game and working with a team. Our team at New Story has been leading a social impact accelerator program: Founders Lab. The content has been filled with unique value and each session has been incredible. […]

Morgan Lopes shared one of his cornerstone talks for anyone looking to make an impression in whatever stage of life they are in, whether in the job search, newly hired, or founding their something of their own. Transcript: [00:00:00] Team members who take ownership stand out within any organization.  Welcome to effectively human, where we […]

What does ‘effectively human’ really mean? Though playfully put, being ‘effectively human’ captures the tension of programing cold, rigid machines for living, breathing people. Efficiency and productivity are important, but aren’t the goal. The goal is to amplify human experiences. The distinction for us is more than semantics. We aren’t hackers, coders, or programmers. We […]

Sports understand performance. Whether or not you follow a particular sport, we can learn something from how sports are structured. These elements are common in games and competition. If we allow it, they carry into personal and business growth as well: Scoreboard. How do you know you are ‘winning’? Coaches. Who is helping you improve, […]

If last weeks episode was taking down myths about code school, we couldn’t leave you without real pointers on three things we employers want (we know from experience!) and how to stand out in an interview! Listen or read below. Transcript: [00:00:00] Let’s tackle the interview process. Specifically, we are going to focus on what […]

After talking to code schools across the country, it’s clear that there a few myths floating around we wanted to clear up. And while life after code school may not be as easy as it once sounded, don’t let the truth keep you from following your dreams! The fact that you’re here means you already […]

We had to launch our podcast with one issue we hear about all the time! Especially for those entering tech, imposter syndrome can be destabilizing. That is, until you realize everyone else may not have it all together either. Host and Effectively Human Founder, Morgan Lopes, talks about how to mentally recenter in the midst […]

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