In comedy, the longer you make an audience wait for a laugh, the bigger the laugh should be. Deliver small laughs in rapid succession or big laughs intermittently. Few, great comedians can do both but it’s a short career for comedians who do neither. The wait must be worth it. Founding a business is similar. The two […]

Customers only care what is in it for them. They want to be the hero of their own story, not the supporting actor in your story. They resonate with us when they understand how we help them accomplish their desires. Them, there, they… not me. Not you. What is in it for them? Consider this […]

“Oh no! I have too much money.” – Nobody We are going to talk about selling. Most of my career was been spent selling software services. Building a business that creates technology for the ideas of others. In this model, network building was the only strategy that ever worked for me. It was high touch, imprecise, time consuming, […]

A business degree in college requires at least two accounting courses. Unfortunately, there are no classes on time management, outsourcing, or prioritization. Forced to choose, I would have paid triple for the later and a fraction for the former. As founders, our most important decision is how we spend our time. Everyone has the same amount, […]

I shared previously about my worst season in business. One client defaulting on their payments and contracts costing hundreds of thoughts. That event was just the beginning. Atop the financial pressure, we were pulling into a lawsuit. New problems were popping up everywhere. Plus, we still had to run a business. Past due invoices. Team member turnover. […]

The word accountability is lame. It even sounds boring. I was resistant to discussing accountability with Josh, my cofounder at Polar Notion. We were friends long before our business and it wasn’t a comfortable conversation. At first, the informal nature of our relationship seemed fitting. It felt balanced. It was 3 years into the business before […]

Starting my first business was mostly an accident. Without much professional experience, we began with few side projects to build our portfolio. It evolved into an organization building websites and apps for early stage businesses and ideas. As the software engineer, most of the early days were spent working with clients and writing code. I’d randomly pay […]

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