5 Features I Killed from The Pocket Startup Advisor

Deciding to remove features from a product or service is hard. Actually doing it is even harder. We have a picture in our minds of what something can become and each step we take away from what we envision can be painful. It’s a pain we constantly witness and work through with our clients.

Unfortunately, like many consultants, it’s hard to truly feel the pressure ourselves. When know it’s there, but the stakes aren’t as high on our side of the table. So, from time to time, we ship internal projects that help increase our understanding and empathy. We don’t want to ask others to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. It’s our chance to try a dose of our own medicine.

So, we’ve released a physical product, The Pocket Startup Advisor. A Magic 8-Ball for Startup and Entreprenuers. It gives us the chance to produce something that exists in the real world and grasp the complexities and sacrifices around inventory, distribution, and e-commerce that many of our clients experience every day.

To minimize distractions and maximize learning, the goal was to keep it simple and launch fast. Doing so came at the cost of a few things I would have LOVED to include, but had to remove to keep the ball rolling.

  • A Kickstarter Campaign. Startups and entreprenuers love Kickstarter and it fit the ethos of the Pocket Startup Advisor. Unfortunately, running a successful Kickstarter campaign takes a lot of effort. Since that wasn’t the goal of this project, it had to go.
  • An Awesome Video. I’ve been talking with our friends at Station16 for months about working on a video for us. Ideally, it would have been some mix between Squatty Potty and Dollar Shave Club. Unfortunately, doing high quality, well crafted videos takes a lot of time. Since creating a viral video wasn’t core to this project, it had to wait.
  • A Blog. In today’s content marketing culture, a blog feels like a necessary part of any website. See have these conversations regularly with prospects and clients. Writing content worth reading takes time and energy. Knowing that time spent on that would come at the cost of doing other things well, it had to go.
  • Clever Copy. My friend Sarah Lee writes rib-crackingly-funny emails and blurbs. It’s an art. I have no doubt the site and could use some personality, but like most things, doing it well takes time. We’ll improve things over time, but to put the product in the hands of customers, clever copy had to wait.
  • Beautiful Photography. Be place a high value to great photography.

These item would have been great, and still can be, but launching some good beats something great later…or something perfect, never. Fortunately, perfection is not the goal. We’re topping the charts on Product Hunt at the moment, so we welcome any support.

Presenting…The Pocket Startup Advisor.

Originally posted on Medium.

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