5 Truths About Entrepreneurship

There is excitement and beauty in entrepreneurship, but there are also realities that are overlooked.

Risk is required. If there isn’t risk then it’s not entrepreneurship. While seemingly obvious, people are constantly paralyzed by fear of the unknown. Uncertainly and doubt become a companion, not a conquered foe.

It’s messy. Mistakes will happen, and frequently do, if you’re trying new things. Stumbling and course correction is not part of the journey, it is the journey.

Success is not overnight. Small steps, over time add up to large distances. Thoughtfully focusing on the right next step and taking action is key to long term success.

No one knows anything. When it comes to what will work and what won’t, no one actually knows. Startups fold every day with experienced, previously successful founders. Hollywood still makes movies that audiences don’t like. Long held beliefs around business success are being challenged and overthrown every day.

Failure ultimately wins. If I fail more than you do, I win. Why, because the one who can fail but keep playing is able to leverage that learning into something better next time. Quick video explanation.


Originally posted on Medium.

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