A Quick List of Atlanta Favorites

What is your favorite coffee shop?

Brother Moto.

Why Brother Moto?

Great vibes, great people, and delicious coffee. They know who they are and represent that throughout every part of the business.

Close Second?

East Pole. It’s a beautifully designed space with delicious coffee. Lots of natural lighting and the roasting room is a delightful, authentic touch.

What is your favorite restaurant?


Why Gunshow?

Killer atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, unpretentious, great food, locally sourced, and unique presentation. The chefs bring the food straight to your table. My favorite time to go is later in the evening with a small group of friends.

Close Second?

Optimist. The space is beautiful and the serving staff is super knowledgeable. Also, they do a great job of mixing creative dishes with traditional favorites.

What is your favorite pizza restaurant?

Antico Pizza

Why Antico Pizza?

Delicious with a unique atmosphere. The ingredients speak for themselves without the need to overdue it.

What is your favorite ramen restaurant?


Why Jinya?

The broth and noodles work together well. It’s common for a Ramen place to deliver on tasty broth with poor noodles, or visa versa. Jinya gets it both well.

PS. The brussel sprouts are salty, in the best way.

What is your favorite seafood restaurant?


Why Optimist?

I’m not a huge seafood person but the knowledgeable service staff convinced me to try swordfish and it was delicious. A friend and I were also adventurous enough to try the ‘Starving Man’ platter which includes almost every type of seafood on the menu. It’s impressive how great each part of the meal was.

Also, the hushpuppies are pretty much dessert. Skip at your own risk.

What is your favorite steak restaurant?


Why Marcel?

The vibe is KILLER. It feels like an old lounge where perhaps a secret society gathers. Same knowledgeable staff you’d expect at any Ford Fry restaurant and the cook temp was exactly as expected.

They also have an economical ‘late night’ menu. I’ve heard great things, but can’t bring myself to stay up until 11pm anymore.

What is your favorite salad restaurant?


Why Upbeet?

Go early for lunch, but locally sourced, quality ingredients with deliciously curated entrees. They are more types of leaves than I knew existed, but I’ve never had a bad bowl.

It is worth restating, timing is everything. If you go around noon, expect to wait.

What is your favorite breakfast restaurant?


Why Muchacho?

Great coffee and their breakfast tacos are made fresh, even the tortillas.

Close Second?

Superica. Their breakfast/brunch menu is delicious. Outside the usual pancakes and eggs, they have unique options that are delicious. Any dish that combines eggs and avacado tends to catch my eye.