A Secret Society Right Under Our Noses

I’ve had a beard for years. In recent months however, I’ve decided to eliminate weekly trims from my routine. Still slaying the neckbeard, but I’ve refrained from taming the chin monster.

At some point during this process, a transformation occurred. Unbeknownst to myself, I was inducted into a secret organization. There was no ceremony or hazing yet a notable increase in the nods, nudges, grins, and all-around encouragement I receive from my fellow woolly-warriors. Total strangers are opening doors, giving up their seat, and inviting me into their conversations.

Unfortunately, the obscurity about this secret society makes me reluctant to trim my beard. What if I trim it too much? At what length do I get back in? Is there a style that’s unacceptable to the group? Will I receive formal notice if my grooming standards are lacking? At which length point will I stop getting free coffee? Is it more about scruff than length?

The mystery is perplexing and exciting.

More news to follow.

Originally posted on Medium.

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