All Systems Go: The “Code School” Book Kickstarter is Live!

For the better part of the last seven months, myself and colleague Tim Whitacre have written, researched, analyzed, and pieced together the guide book we always needed. As both self-taught engineers, we know how unmarked the path to success truly is. And we want to change that.

Meet The “Code School” Book.

“Code School: Overcome Imposter Syndrome. Kick-start Your Career,” or as we like to refer to it: The Code School Book, is a guide for those who want to enter the tech industry but don’t have a computer science degree. We outline proven strategies and actionable next steps for people transitioning into the tech industry. 

Imposter syndrome, misinformation, and under-communicated expectations leave bootcamp graduates feeling lost and confused. But by combining decades of software engineering, hiring practices, and real time examples we hope to cut through the clutter.  

We’ve got 30 days to make this book a reality for aspiring engineers globally. Will you join us? This book could be the pivot, the guide, or the mentoring voice that keeps aspiring students without a degree striding into their futures.

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