Why Nothing Ships on Friday

Not shipping work on Friday is a house rule. Nothing good comes of it. While our clients are eager to see the progress of a long, hard week of work, choosing to push something live isn’t actually helpful for them.

If they review the progress on Saturday or Sunday, our team won’t be available to address issues or questions that arise. Alternatively, shipping early in the week allows plenty of time for quality service and support.

To keep us accountable, around 4:30 on Friday’s we crack a cold one together. Our team toasts a solid week and enjoys the final moments together. Company culture is at the core of what we do, so choosing to round out the week swapping insights and stories seems the appropriate. There aren’t keg-stands or crowd surfing, though we might not fight the urge it is arose, but it’s about professionals celebrating a week of doing work we’re passionate about with people we enjoy.

If we miss out on a few extra billable minutes but can grow closer to the people we spend most of our lives with, it’s worth the tradeoff.


P.S. If you want to see what it’s all about and you’re been crushing the week, it’s not a closed event. We’d welcome you to stop by. Drinks on us.

Originally posted on Medium.

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