Calendar Preferences

The process of preparing for a virtual assistant has been almost as helpful as onboarding the actual person. I spent time documenting personal preferences around scheduling and calendar events.

  • combine car rides with phone calls
  • each day should has at least one 2 hour block to get work done. It should be represented on the calendar
  • group meetings based on geography. For example, if I’m on the east side of the city ideally other east-side meetings occur on that day, and around that time
  • group meetings based on time. For example, 3 consecutive 30 minute meetings are better than 3 meetings with 15/30 minute gap between
  • prioritize sales meetings. Example, a 30 minute coffee with a sales prospect should take priority over a meeting from a cold, inbound request
  • provide a heads up for geographic anomalies. For example, if I need to be in Johns Creek at 9am (which is rare) drawing my attention a day in advance would be great.
  • send custom ‘meeting reminder’ 12-24 hours in advance, with confirmation, agenda, and any relevant details
  • if meetings are bookended, ‘meeting reminder’ should include subtle mention of time constraint. For example, “Hey Craig, are we still on for tomorrow 11am at Octane on the East Side? I have a hard stop at 12:15 but looking forward to catching up.”
  • ensure meeting agenda, even if just 2-3 bullet points. If I requested the meeting, task me. If they requested meeting (other than sales prospect), ask them for it. For example, “Hey Craig, I’m looking forward to our time together tomorrow. Do you mind providing a little more context about the meeting? What does success look like for our time together?”
  • Friday afternoons should be around the Polar Notion office, ideally no meetings.