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How to Name a Child

A thoughtful approach to naming your future adults. A name can be one of the greatest gifts a parent gives a child. Our name follows us all throughout life. Through grade school, recreational sports, and personal events, our name is written thousands of times. As we get older, it’s memorialized in email signatures, on business cards, and archived on the internet. It is linked to our identity, forever. It can be a tool to advance our opportunities or a limp we have to continually overcome. As my wife and I wrestled with naming our children, 2 daughters as of 2018, this reality weighed the heaviest. While seemingly superficial to most, I couldn’t escape the vast usage of a name over time. Also, growing up with a last name that most people mispronounce, I can’t help but speculate about the impact that can have over decades. So, I put together a…

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