Protecting Productivity by Minimizing Email

Email is powerful, and with great power comes great responsibility.

I batch my emails and limit how often I checkin.


First, it's more productive. Unchecked, email is a massive distraction.
Second, I prioritize human interactions. When I meet in person with someone, I'm largely unreachable by others.

I know your email is important. I want to read it. Unfortanately, it's mixed among the constant noise and choas coming from every direction.

Limiting exposure to email (and most digital communication) allows me to be more present in daily life.

These questions prompted a shift in my behavior that continues to intensify. It’s led to disabling push notifications on my phone and scheduling do-not-disturb mode outside of 10am-5pm.

In short, the human in front of me gets more attention than the machine in my pocket.

Whether you’re looking to be more productive, enrich in-person interactions, or just want to invite a little more peace into your life… try it out. Here is my current postscript to get you started. Copy and paste it exactly or create your own.


PS. Liberating yourself from the email inbox will inspire others to do the same. Pass it along.

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