Engineering as Marketing

In late winter of 2016, our team built a tool that allows website visitors to interact with images on a page, using their cursor. We called it Turntable.js and we gave the technology away.

Today, over a year later, hundreds of people are still downloading and using this plugin each week. Dozens of sites and online resources link to it and articles appear from time to time.

A few months later, with the release of the newest Star Wars movie, we released another tool that allows anyone to recreate the scrolling effect from the Star Wars intro. Much like Turntable.js, hundred of people interact with our tool each month, absolutely free.

Our most recent plugin, built by our newest apprentice, serves as a baseline for tracking video analytics.

This marketing technique, referred to Engineering as Marketing, allows us to steadily increase our online presence, increase our credibility within the community, and lead with value.

It’s not a new concept, but as web users become more and more inundated with clickbait and senseless ads, it’s an effective approach to permission-based marketing.

If you have something worth engaging, no persuasion is required.

Originally posted on Medium.

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