Expectations about Introductions

There are few things I value more than well placed introductions among friends and community members. For years, I’ve run a business were referrals were our lifeblood, so the importance stands out. Intros expand our networks and foster unique moments of serendipity.

Despite their value, I want to make sure to honor the time of those I connect. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that I have or could make an intro that includes you.

The following outlines my expectations:

BCC Me Please

I don’t need to be dialed in for the entire conversation. Adding me as a BCC on the first reply gives me confidence that the intro was received and my handoff is complete.

This snippet is common among many of my friends and appreciated on many levels:
“Thanks Morgan, moving you to BCC to spare your inbox.”

Followup and Followthrough

If you meet with someone, followup. If you commit to something, follow through with what you said. Followups aren’t a requirement, but it’s a sign of respect and just good business.

Followthrough is a nonnegotiable.

If I intro you to someone who turns out to be flaky (doesn’t do what they say), please let me know. This feedback is helpful as I advocate for others in the future.

Stop me

I love connecting dots among the vibrant network of people I’d had the pleasure of meeting over the years. As someone who welcomes introductions, I realize opinions vary. Others might want to be consulted first.

Please, don’t hesitate to communicate your expectations with me about introductions. ‘Stop it’ is reasonable and within your right. ‘Ask me first’ is another reasonable request.

If I don’t know, I can’t improve. I hate the idea that I might be jeopardizing relationships or wasting people’s time. Please let me know.


I hope this is helpful. Together, we can make the ecosystem more powerful and collaborative. It begins with human connection.

PS. If you’re looking for a great book on the topic, I recommend The Rainforest by Victor Hwang.