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Freedom in Progress

In the early days of Polar Notion, it felt like we were saying yes to everything. We hadn’t found a sweet spot and being quite honest, we had bills to pay. When times are tough and work is slow, any skill you possess is worth leveraging. Eventually we had enough breathing room to think through the type of company and brand we wanted to be.

Better Before Bigger

Today, we help businesses get better before bigger. This focus required us to do it for ourselves first. We have a clearly defined vision and values that guide the way. Since we work on behalf of clients, our name does not publicly accompany our work. We embrace this tension, thus adopting a secret-society-esk nature. Unapologetically, our quirky team and wild ideas are as much of who we are as the software we write or the design we create.

Exploring the most valuable elements of our work, it’s became clear that utilizing our experience and strategic insights increased value to clients. Instead of focusing on building to spec, we’re helping clients determine what to build and collaborating on the path ahead.

Each week, I sit down with entrepreneurs and business leader to shape the future of their business. Rejecting the notion that we are no more valuable than the code we can write, we push to refine ideas into their truest form.

Developed over time

In hindsight, we have sought this freedom all along. Since 2012, we felt the conflict of craftsmanship and desire to do remarkable work. We desired it, but we had not earned the right. Today, experience backed insights flow freely. Having witnessed hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes, our blades are finely sharpened. Only a fool would claim to have all the answers but we’ve survived our share of hard times and distilled our learning into actionable insights. These experiences help us save others from much of the hardship and pain we’ve walked through.

Getting here was not easy. The deliberate attempts, thoughtfulness, risks, and investments took years to refine. The freedom and trust we receive from clients was hard fought and fiercely protected. It’s a consequence of healthy relationships and deliberate practice. There is not a fast path to credibility.

Go boldly forward is much our track record as it is our battle cry.