Head Trash

Last week, my computer ran out of storage space. Without space, I couldn’t save a new project. After un-syncing old files from Dropbox and removing as many apps as possible, it didn’t move the needle enough. Eventually, I turned my attention to my computer’s trash-bin. There were over 20G of files. The trash was taking up a massive amount of space and no longer served a purpose. Emptying the trash was all it took to move forward.

The parallel with our minds is startling.

Our minds can be flooded with fears, doubts, and regrets that have been there for decades. Remnants of that people said, what they did, or how they made us feel, it occupies space that serves no purpose.

It’s trash.

“I can’t do this.”

“I won’t be successful at that.”

“I failed last time.”

“I don’t know enough about that.”

“Will anyone support me.”

These limiting beliefs prevent us from taking risks and trying new things.

It’s time to empty the trash.

Originally posted on Medium.

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