Insights from Super Bowl to Investment Fund

I recently interviewed Ryan Nece. From the NFL Super Bowl to Investor, he dropped consistent value about being at the top of your game and working with a team.

Our team at New Story has been leading a social impact accelerator program: Founders Lab. The content has been filled with unique value and each session has been incredible. The Q/A with Ryan was no exception.

A few thoughts Ryan shared…

Performance Enhancing Elements

What Football has figured out, but business founders have to learn:

  • Scoreboard
    How do you know you are ‘winning’?
  • Coaches
    Who is helping you improve, constantly?
  • Accountability
    What oversight keeps you in-check?
  • Feedback
    What you’re doing right? What’s needs to change?
  • Structure / Rituals
    What are the habits and systems within the organization that lead to positive results?

“One of the hardest things to do in life is to show up consistently. The next hardest thing, to be remembered.”

Who are your starting 5?

  • 5 Favorite Team Members
  • 5 Favorite Customers
  • 5 Favorite Leaders
  • 5 Favorite Friends

What do these people have in common?

“Good people talk about themselves. Great people have others talk about them.”

– Walter Payton

For this information and more, checkout Founders Lab. Cohorts last a few weeks and kickoff every few months. Space is limited.

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