Investing in Good Sleep

Getting up early is the single greatest commitment I’ve made to my personal and professional growth in the last decade. Sleeping well is a huge part of why that works.

Over the years, I’ve refined the behaviors that lead to consistently good sleep. I’ve found these modifications ensure I sleep well.

• No coffee (caffeine) after 3pm
• No water 1 hour before bed
• No food before bed (1-2 hours before bed)
• No alcohol before bed (1-2 hours before bed)
• No email or social media before bed (1-2 hours before bed)
• No phone in bed
• No TV in bedroom
• Set iPhone in ‘do not disturb’ before dinner (3-4 hours before bed)
• Pee before you get in bed, even if it’s not “pressing” 😉
• Pursue consistent bedtime (9:30pm for me)
• Pursue consistent wakeup
• Pursue darkness (shades, curtains, no ‘night lights’)
• Hydrate regularly (1L every 2-3 hours throughout the day)
• Sleep naked (Regulating body temperature with clothes and sheets it too complex while sleeping)
• Exercise Regularly (I define exercise as 120bpm for 30+ minutes, 5+ days per week)
• Minimize distractions (getting in bed the same time as partner is SO helpful. Our dog wondering around the house at night drives me nuts.)
• Stretch after Exercise (Tight muscles make you squirmy in bed)

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