“It has to be perfect before I launch” :: Misconceptions about building for the web.

We’re sitting at a coffee shop with a founder and entrepreneur. We’ll call him Peter. Peter has spent 2 years creating his business plan, which he slides across the table to us. It is freshly printed, vibrant, with lovely figures, projections, numbers, and graphs. We are even able to hold his product, which was beautifully designed, fully patented, and battle ready.

It’s obvious Peter has put a lot of thought and energy into the process of launching his business and into the product he is selling.

As we ask about how things are progressing, we are confronted with startling news. Peter hasn’t sold anything. Not a single unit. He has been working on the business for 2 years without a single customer.

His issue wasn’t inventory, his living room is full of products ready to be shipped. E-commerce wasn’t a barrier, his online store is operational and tested. The packaging is clear and the design is compelling.

What is Peter’s barrier? Perfectionism. He couldn’t bring himself to launch his product because it’s never quite good enough.

No matter how many times he double and triple checks, he always finds something to fix and the result is never good enough.

While many people may not be into the journey as far as Peter, the same tension remains: Excellence vs Perfection. More often than not, trying to perform flawlessly leads to doing nothing at all.

Originally posted on Medium.

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