Launch or Die. The Need to Push It Out the Door.

When it comes to launching a project or idea, we are the largest barrier. Countless ideas, projects, proposals, articles, and tools never see the light of day because we strangle them to death with revisions, improvements, and a list of other things that don’t matter.. Instead of continually pushing forward, we get lost in the barrage of details. We get lost in perfection.

Choosing which defects to accept, features to leave out, and ideas to punt is hard. We don’t like it and it never feels good, but it is essential. The longer a project is withheld from actual customer, the less likely they are to ever see it at all.

Forward momentum is essential, especially for younger projects.

I witness the tension daily with myself, friends, and with our clients. If the Pareto Principle is even partially accurate, most of the details don’t matter anyway.

Find the details that matter most and be ready to compromise on the rest. Pursue excellence, not perfection.

Originally posted on Medium.

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