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Meeting Location Preferences

In planning to off board key tasks to an executive assistant, I pushed myself to articulate my preferences. Along with calendar preferences, these are my meeting location preferences around Atlanta.

Factors I consider when settling on an ideal meeting location:

  • Timing. The venue should fit the duration of the meeting. For example, coffee shops are great for 30 minute meetings. Restaurants are better for longer meetings. In both instances, the staff and environment is accustomed to cadence and there is rarely a conflict of ‘overstaying your welcome’.
  • Accessibility. It needs to be easy to get in and out of the building, while also giving me access to a variety of driving directions. For example, I prefer not to take meets in Buckhead but if need to, Atlanta Tech Village is right off 400. There is also a parking deck with two entrances and I can choose to cut through to the northwest side of the city.
  • Local. Given the choice, I default to supporting local businesses. Running a brick and mortar location is tough, a feat I don’t envy, especially for small businesses. If I’m meeting someone, in many cases they’ve never been to a spot on my list. They’ll likely appreciate the accessibility but the local business has now also been exposed to a new customer. Making a deliberate effort compounds over time.
  • Amenities. A good meeting space in the city should have wifi, public restrooms, accessible electrical outlets, minimal glare for windows, and enough seating that ‘hanging around’ doesn’t detract from future customers.
  • Volume. It should be easy to have a conversation and hear each other talk. In spaces that are too open or that fail to account for acoustics, it can be challenging to have a conversation.

The following are a list of coffee shops and restaurants I prefer when visiting certain areas of town.

Favorite coffee shops for meetings

Buckhead: Atlanta Tech Village.

Midtown: East Pole Coffee

Westside: Octane (Revelator) Westside or Mashburn Coffee Shop

East Side: Brother Moto or Revelator East Side

Smyrna: Rev Coffee

Near 85/285: Chocolaté Coffee

Favorite lunch spots for meetings:

Buckhead: Bell Street Burritos

Midtown: Ponce City Market

West Midtown: Pijui Belly

East Side: Krog Street