At New Story, we make time every few months for an exercise we call ‘Moonshots’. The term comes from the Apollo 11 spaceflight, which landed the first human on the moon in 1969*. At the time, the idea was truly audacious.

As a team, we get together and dream big. Usually after dinner and over drinks, we throw out big, wild ideas. They’re unlikely, crazy ideas. While the origin of our 3D Printer experiment came out of one of these sessions, the point is not to be practical. It’s about dreaming, not planning.

Controlled Chaos

Some suggestions get a laugh. Others make use uncomfortable. A few have a way of lingering, but most ideas die on the spot.  The point of moonshot is to spark inspiration. Once an idea is put out into the world, the next person can build on top of it. The ideas evolve.

We want to create a place for that to happen. It’s a safe place where ideas and nonsense can coexist. One idea sparks another. Some build upon their predecessor while others seem to nuke the flow. There are no bad ideas.

Eventually, it happens. This free exchange of thought begins to achieve the decided effect: inspiration. An idea is thrown onto the pile that causes a moment of pause from the group. While still a longshot, it somehow feels achievable though currently unexplored. These nuggets speed up the energy in the room and propel the conversation forward.

The excitement and suggestions finally wane. With our cognitive capacity exhausted, we push for a final round of ideas then break for the night. It can often feel like a chaotic whirlwind. Where observers might see a whimsical waste of time and effort, we see a mental victory. Breaking the shackles of rationality, we took the time to dance with our imagination.

The notion of dreaming bigger spills into our work constantly. Like a pair of dueling racers, team members push each other to challenge what’s possible. Over time, these bouts have a way of shaping a culture and staying with us. None one knows where the next great idea will come from. But it’s unlikely to be discovered by the people who aren’t willing to look for it.


*Alleged moon landing. Recounting the discussions I’ve had on this topic would require more time than any sane human is willing to commit.