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Living at the intersection of Technology, Business, and Social Impact, I exist to…

Pioneer a More Beautiful Future for Others


In the summer of 2018, I began feeling an increased tension around decision making. Growing up, we are taught to make decisions while weighing ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. As adults, there is more gray area and less objectivity.

If we are fortunate, we have the opportunity to choose between multiple great options. Without a clear winner, this can lead to indecision or a lack of directed effort.

My pursuit of a personal purpose statement, was an attempt to highlight what matters most and provide a standard against which to weigh key decisions. More than a job description, it’s a declaration of intent. Based on my unique skills, interests, and passions the purpose statement provides a guiding light.


Personal Purpose Statement

Pioneer a more beautiful future for others.



“Show them what’s possible.”


Guiding Questions

  • Has it been done before?
  • Is it challenging?
  • Is there an asymmetrical risk-reward?
  • Who benefits the most?
Create Your Own

The Purpose Framework

A clearly articulated purpose statement helps make decisions and value accomplishments. After months of personal exploration, I’ve created breadcrumbs for others to follow.