Ship it!

I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on past projects. Whether personal, professional, for clients, and for friends, we see a lot of great ideas flow through our shop and throughout our community.

Unfortunately, a majority of ideas and plans never become reality. A lot of time is spent talking and preparing, but most things die before the world can embrace them.

As someone who loves to dream, build, and create, the pattern is becoming increasing more troubling to experience and watch. To push myself and fellow entreprenuers to take action, I’ve begun keeping a log.

My goal each month: Share posts, projects, or actions I’ve taken each month. Things I’ve shipped. If my log is empty after the 260+ hours I spend each month consuming content, working, and creating, something is very, very wrong.

So, here are the Things We’ve Shipped in July, 2017.

Originally posted on Medium.

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