Shoes Matter Most

In high school and college, I ran hundreds of miles every month. Whether competing or staying healthy, running can take a toll on the body. From back pain to hip issues, knee damage to shin splints, for every healthy runner there are two injured ones.

Early on, a coach shared the importance of footwear. He was constantly inspecting our shoes and routinely pushing us to replace them. Years later an orthopedist discussed the correlation between the feet and the rest of the body. He made a compelling that suggests most physical ailments we experience can be attributed to our footwear. Most major problems with lower back, hips, knees, shins, and arches… all from our shoes.

The problem originates from how we shop for shoes. Since we can’t log hundreds of miles before making a purchase, we stride to the end of the aisle in store. If they get delivered to our house, we may venture outside and walk to the end of the driveway. Of course, it’s unlikely that any problems would emerge in so little time. It’s the wear and tear that eventually breaks us down. Drip, drip, drip.

The Subtle Source

Much of life follows a similar pattern. The greatest problems we face stem from seemingly small sources played out over long periods of time.

Over the course of our lives, about 5% of our time is spent with our parents. Think about how much they’re able to influence who we become.

In our careers, we spend thousands of hours with the same roles and responsibilities. Most of those decisions were made before we got hired, when our employer knew the least about us.

In building a business, a handful of moments, relationships, and conversations can shape the direction of the entire company for decades.

Most problems and pains we experience are often just symptoms. While we can’t rewrite our journey, we always have the power to simply change our shoes for the road ahead. If we’re lucky, it might even remind others to do the same.