Talk About Results, not Yourself

Customers only care what is in it for them.

They want to be the hero of their own story, not the supporting actor in your story. They resonate with us when they understand how we help them accomplish their desires. Them, there, they… not me. Not you.

What is in it for them?

Consider this image from the Mario World video game. You eat the flower, the mushroom, the star, the whatever…then something happens.

It’s the outcome that’s magical, not the input. We want super powers, not a mouth full of foliage. 

As founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders there are few things more important than enrolling people in our journey. Customers, team members, advisors… they all need to buy-in. 

• In tech, we fall in love with our innovation and features.
• In nonprofits, it becomes about our intervention.
• In companies, we talk a lot about culture.

No one cares, and it’s not their fault. People care about life transformation…their life.

When we spend time talking about our product, our service, or our offering we miss the most important topic… customers! Each touch point (website, content, decks, pitches) should speak to the value they get, not the company that delivers it.


I don’t write software or build apps. I help companies reach their goals faster using technology.

Here are some great resources that keep the needs of the customers top of mind…

PS. The next learning with be the last. I hope it’s been an enjoyable ride so far.

Morgan J Lopes

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