The Pocket Startup Advisor : A Magic 8-Ball for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Building web and mobile apps is great, but creating something in the physical world just can’t be beat. Since a number of our clients face the challenges of bringing physical goods to market, what better way to advise them than to be practitioners ourselves?

We give you… the Pocket Startup Advisor. A Magic 8-Ball for Startup Advice.

Ever wish you had Mark Cuban in your pocket? … that could get weird. Maybe just on speed dial?

The Pocket Startup Advisor is loaded with advice for startups and entrepreneurs. With 20 cliche-packed sides of pure startup gold, you won’t find this dice on the table at some shady Vegas casino. When you’re having trouble making a decision, The Pocket Startup Advisor provides you with the perfect amount of startup jargon without actually having to interact with other humans. You probably should ignore the advice, but as Jeff Bezos always says, “Every great decision starts with the roll of a dice.”*

*We can’t actually find documentation that Jeff Bezos has ever said this.

Roll the Dice and see where your new advisor takes you. Also, if you order for you and a friend, use promo code ‘dicedicebaby’ to get 25% off:

Originally posted on Medium.

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