Things We Shipped :: August 2017

A theme for August would be “landing planes”. As our business grows and we look towards the future, there are typically a vast number of opportunities in the air, circling the runway. These aren’t just prospective projects but other ventures, business opportunities, and longer term goals. Sometimes they fall apart, sometimes they move on, but from time to time, they land successfully.

Much of what shipped this month was a long time coming.

We launched a new website.

Checkout the new

In the past, we’d get started on a new website, things would get busy, and we would have to abandon the project. This go ‘round, we moved with impeccable precision and speed. The time from “we should redo our website” to “it’s live” was about 3 weeks!

Our team made the list for Top App Developers in Atlanta for 2017.

Ironically, I do little software engineering for Polar Notion these days. Fortunately, we’ve got a solid team that has proven incredibly capable. This is both a win for our team and for our mentorship culture. We didn’t get here my hiring the most experienced software engineers… we’ve been training and building them up over time from little to no experience. I’m continually impressed by the persistence of our crew and can’t wait to see how client satisfaction continues to increase. Though awards aren’t our target, it’s exciting to see them be recognized for the high standard we hold ourselves to.

View the full list of Top App Developers in Atlanta.

We hired a Project Manager.

We’ve been looking for the right person to fill this role since the end of 2016. Client experience is wildly important to us and finding the right person to assist our team, keep projects on track, and delight clients has been difficult. Fortunately, we found a great fit and she’s already jumping in and smoothing out the wrinkles.

3 Picture Day Events

Today, August 31, is Startup Picture Day at Switchyards. As we head into year 2 of the event, it’s a honor to be returning to Switchyards which is where we launched the event in 2016. We’re also piloting a new partnership on our platform, which has enabled our new partner to host 2 of their own events this month as well.

We acquired a company.

So many exciting opportunities to talk about here. While more details will be shared over time, I’ll include a few answers to questions asked by others.

  • The process took months. Original conversations began in December of 2016 and slowly ramped up throughout 2017.
  • It’s a fixed earn-out over time. No lump-sum, cash-only, Silicon Valley madness.
  • For the foreseeable future, Polar Notion will remain independent from this new business. We’re in the process of finding the right fit for it’s CEO whose role and responsibilities will be focused on the new business.
  • The acquisition wasn’t hostile and we weren’t looking for it. It’s a business that already overlaps with much of what Polar Notion does and was a result of natural alignment.

It’s your turn. Go, launch something this month!

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