Things We Shipped :: July 2017

Creativity is important. Sharing what’s been created so others can interact and respond is part of what makes it art. My goal is to share a list of things each month that our team or I have created, launched, or published. I hope it prompts others to do likewise.

  • Pocket Startup Advisor. Magic 8-Ball for Startup Advice. It’s been something I’ve bee working on for a while. Manufacturing things take about 100x longer than work on the web, but there is something rewarding about holding a physical product in your hand.
  • Sprint Demos. At New Story, we’ve begun the process of transitioning our development team to SCRUM. We had our first internal demo for Sprint 1 on July 21. I’ve also been toying with the idea of making it a public webinar.


I’ll just pick my favorite 5.

Go, launch something this month!

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