We made the list of Top App Developers in Atlanta

Delivering a remarkable client experience is a continual focus for our team at Polar Notion. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies but we strive for excellence and continuous improvement. Our persistence is just as much about the people we work with as it is about the services we deliver.

As we hold ourselves to high standards, it is appreciated when clients notice the care and thoughtfulness we place in our work as well. In a recent ranking of top app development companies in Atlanta, we are pleased to share that the positive feedback from our service puts Polar Notion on the short list of top app development companies in Atlanta.

The ratings and reviews are conducted by Clutch, an independent ratings and review firm. They conduct individual interviews following key projects and report their findings to help prospective clients make more informed purchasing decisions. The feedback from their surveys have also allowed us to get a clear picture of what we’re doing well and what we need to improve.


Excerpts from recent Clutch reviews, which can be found on the Clutch profile, include:

“Polar Notion has a proactive team, which puts me at ease.

“Besides being good developers, Polar Notion has good business sensibilities. They’re able to help us think through business solutions, design, and development, instead of being yes-men for building out features. This makes Polar Notion very powerful as a technology partner.

“Even if you have an extremely odd idea, explain it to them and I think they will be able to tell you whether or not it can be done. Dream boldly and have bold conversations about what you want to do. They can make miracles happen in terms of coding.

“They’ve been great to work with. I’m utterly impressed with their ability to solve issues.

“Polar Notion’s patience was notable here; they took the time to educate their client and communicated the technical knowledge into lay terms.

While awards and achievements have never been a focus, it’s affirming to see how we stack up along side other excellent Atlanta companies. It’s awesome to work with such a talented team and with such appreciative clients.

About Polar Notion

Polar Notion helps businesses plan and build web & mobile applications. In a cluttered industry where trusted partners are hard to find, we value strategic thinking, thoughtful implementation, and remarkable client experiences.


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