Welcome Shane, a New Story Software Engineer

Remarkable talent, craftsmanship, and a continual desire to improve. Our team defines it as a humble pursuit of excellence. This ethos, present since the inception of New Story, became memorialized as a company value early this year. Beyond a mere preference, this style of pursuit is key to the caliber of work out team seeks to produce.

Company values shape the work we do, the way we do it, and who we seek to work alongside us. So, as we conclude the search for a senior software engineer, I am delighted to welcome a shining example of humble pursuit of excellence, Shane Ardell.

While I have written software with Shane Ardell for the last 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her personally since 2001. In each arena, both personal and professional, her poise and care continues to impress. Her willingness to take ownership, adapt, and lead by example is amplified by her high standard of excellence and craftsmanship.

She is rarely the first to speak, but that’s not say she is without an opinion. Her insight and wisdom are thoughtfully shaped and tactfully shared. When she disagrees, it’s respectful, with good reason, and well articulated. If she doesn’t have the answer, she owns it confidently and diligently researches to gain a deeper understanding.

Shane is meticulous and persistent. Her drive for mastery goes far beyond software and echoes throughout everything she commits herself to.

As New Story’s vision expands to reach millions of individuals in survival mode living, a stable software infrastructure is imperative to the success of that work. Shane will not only focus on refining our internal systems but play a vital role in solving the challenges ahead. As we shape the future of global housing, I’m thrilled about the team we have assembled and honored to extend an invitation to a longtime friend.

Shane, the willingness of a friend to come along is perhaps the greatest gift of any adventure. May this work provide the fulfillment and impact you seek. Whether we provide a safe home for a single family, a community, a country, or the world… I look forward to moving this bold vision forward together. This is an uncommon opportunity, and more than chance.

Originally posted on Medium.

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