We’re Hiring a Project Manager

It might not be for you, but you probably know a great fit.

At Polar Notion, we’re looking for a detail-oriented communicator to help our developers and designers deliver exceptional work across a wide variety of projects. We need a person who can keep our team and clients on the same page while removing any obstacles that might get in the way of a successful product.

Required Abilities

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with all kinds of people
  • Manage and direct multiple projects simultaneously
  • Work independently without direct oversight into your day-to-day
  • Think quickly and react intelligently
  • Solve problems and propose creative ideas
  • Master new concepts and identify big-picture correlations
  • Have a great sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself
  • Manage teams of people with specialties other than your own
  • Be motivated to help encourage success across our team

Useful Experience

  • Managing client relationships and communication
  • Project management, account management, or digital production
  • Software like Slack, Asana, Google Suite, Dropbox
  • Previous agency work is preferred
  • Design or development skills are not required, but extremely useful

Day to Day

  • Manage communication between our team and clients
  • Check in with each team member daily
  • Monitor and facilitate project momentum
  • Communicate progress and expectations with clients
  • Solve problems and remove obstacles for project success
  • Plan and facilitate efficient and impactful meetings

Polar Notion

Most simply, we could be described as a software engineering team that designs and develops web and mobile apps, but we are far from normal. The quality of people we work with is just as important as the quality of work we get done.

To Apply

Have a past employer or colleague send a recommendation (in 300 words or less) on your behalf to [email protected]

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